Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How do I log in to begin my course?

Begin at our web site www.realtyinstitute.net on the home page, click returning students login button on the top left-hand corner, enter your email address and password and click the log in button. Check the box "remember username" to avoid having to enter this information repeatedly.

#2 I purchased my course and I don't see the receipt or the log in directions or I see one but not the other. I forgot my password and requested another:

Before calling the office please check your spam or junk folder. Many times automated messages are mistaken as spam by email providers.

#3 I completed my course how do I print my certificate?

Students can print their completion record (certificate) by logging into their course and clicking certificate or proctor slip. (Proctor slip only applies to New York 75 Hour students.) The certificate will be the last item in the list of course activities so you'll need to scroll down to the bottom.

#4 Can I use AOL to take your course?

Many students do, with no issues, but sometimes AOL blocks certain types of content so we suggest using Google Chrome, FireFox, or Edge web browsers.

#5 How long is my online course valid?

Your course is valid for one year from date of purchase. Expiration date can be viewed on your course page.

#6 Can I take my course on a phone or tablet?

Yes, taking our courses on a phone or tablet is just as easy as using a desktop or laptop computer with the added convenience of taking our courses anywhere 24/7.

#7 Do you notify the state of my completed courses?

Yes, upon completion of your courses Realty Institute will notify your state of your completed hours If notification in your state is required.

#8 I completed my 75 Hour Course, how do I schedule an exam?

We have an entire list of Proctor Exam Centers available on our website. Click here to view our list!

#9 How many years has Realty Institute been in business?

40+ years

#10 How are Realty Institute courses different from others?

Our courses are written and produced by our own experienced instructors. We have over 75 years of combined teaching experience in the Real Estate market and our courses reflect this expertise by delivering the up-to-date content which is most relevant to the current market. We include real life examples extensively so that the student can easily use the material during the course of their career. Additionally, all of our courses have audio throughout to make your online experience that much more enjoyable.